This document gives some default settings for using MailConverter with Eumorpha.

For minimal interference, the settings should be as follows:

Confirm before saving -- unchecked
Send to application -- checked
Default save folder -- set to something (wherever you want the intermediate file to go)
Creator/Type -- set to Eumorpha

The result of this should be that the converted sendmail file will be created in the Default Save Folder (without asking for confirmation unless a file with that name already exists in that folder), then opened by Eumorpha and imported into Emailer, then deleted. For AOL, eWorld, and other one-file-per-message formats, the best MailConverter command to use is Merge Folder (cmd-M), which generates a single mailbox out of the files in a given folder.

MailConverter is a utility which converts disparate mail and mail-like formats into sendmail format, suitable for use with Eudora or Z-Mail. It will also burst digests and import a few kinds of nickname files. And it can now be used in conjunction with Eumorpha to import all supported formats into Emailer.

MailConverter handles the following formats:

(Adapted from a note by Richard Shapiro.)