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Features and Requirements

LetterRip Pro is an easy-to-use high performance mailing list server for Macintosh. You can easily get a server up and running in minutes. The server is optimized to send email to 100's, 1000's, or even 10's of thousands of recipients with ease.

We encourage you to download LetterRip Pro and try it out.

Information on this page includes:

For other useful information, see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) .

New Features in LetterRip Pro

There are over 50 new features in LetterRip Pro including:

A revised interface for even easier setup .
A single POP account can be used to receive email. This can dramatically reduce costs at your ISP.
Duplicate addresses can be immediately removed .
Addresses can be dragged and dropped. They can be dragged between address lists or other applications.
Fuzzy domain matching for locating addresses. This allows LetterRip Pro to find addresses that are similar.
New tests to exclude messages. These include message size and sender.
Alternate posting addresses.
Prefixes for message subjects. For example, [Announce] or [Humor].
Message headers can be added and modified . This allows extremely flexible control over message headers.
Administrators for each list. Each list can be assigned its own administrator.
Daily statistics for lists. The statistics include the number of messages, subscribes, and unsubscribes.
Numerous optimizations for even faster performance .
Multi-homing with OT 1.3. This supports multiple IP addresses on one machine.
Automatic support for PowerKey Pro. This can restart a server when there is a failure on the machine.
You can read the complete list of additions and changes in LetterRip Pro.

Other Features in LetterRip Pro

Easy to set up and use.
Client/server design allows full control over the server from a remote location. Using TCP/IP, the LetterRip Pro Administrator lets you set up and monitor a LetterRip Pro Server anywhere on the Internet or a local intranet.
PowerPC (PPC) native for maximum performance on PowerMacs.
Full multi-threading using the Macintosh Thread Manager. This allows multiple connections to work simultaneously speeding the transfer of email.
Configurable number of incoming and outgoing connections and time out values to fine tune server performance.
Cached subscriber lists reduce disk accesses improving performance.
Native Open Transport support. Open Transport is Apple's new networking architecture. It provides outstanding performance for programs written to take advantage of it.
List server commands that are inadvertantly sent to the list are detected and diverted from the list. Appropriate responses are returned to the sender.
Bounced mail management. Bounced mail is the primary headache of list administrators. LetterRip Pro automatically processes bounced mail and sends a daily report to the administrator.
Optional mail routing via an SMTP mail server.
Unlimited number of lists. (Limited only by memory.)
Unlimited number of subscribers per list. (Limited only by memory.)
Real-time logging to monitor the list server.
Outgoing messages are sorted by domain and sent in a single group to each domain. This results in optimized connections.
Messages retain MIME formatting.
MIME enclosures can optionally be excluded from being posted to a list.
Digests can be sent using flexible scheduling based on both time and size conditions.
Digests can optionally use MIME formatting.
Easily modified custom responses for each mailing list.
Lists can be moderated allowing for announcement lists, bulk mailings, or moderated discussions.
Lists can be private. Private lists do not appear in list responses and require subscription by the administrator.
Import and export subscriber lists. Automatically imports subscriber lists from ListSTAR, majordomo, macjordomo, and Emailer.
Operates behind firewalls using domain aliases.
Support for both part-time and full-time Internet connections. Connections over modems are often part-time connections. LetterRip Pro reads POP mailboxes over part-time connections. When your needs expand, just click a button to switch to high performance SMTP.
Message banners and footers. These can be used for advertising or general information about the mailing list.
Extensive Apple Event support. Many examples are included.

Message processors to extend the built-in capabilities. Message processors are similar to web server plug-ins. Useful processors are included for:

  • Administration via email
  • Subscription confirmations
  • Anti-spam filter
  • Auto responder to send "canned" responses
LetterRip Pro can run as either a normal application or a background application.
Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe accounts. These are sometimes called on/off accounts.
Full support for multiple domains.


Mac OS 7.0 or later. Mac OS 7.5 or later is recommended.
68030 or later processor including PPC processors.
2 MB of free random-access memory (RAM) to run the server application and 2 MB of free RAM for the administration application.
10 MB or more of free disk space.
Open Transport (OT) 1.1 or later with TCP/IP installed and configured. OT 1.1.1 or later is recommended.
Macintosh Thread Manager. The Thread Manager is included in Mac OS 7.5 and later. The LetterRip Pro installer installs the Thread Manager on systems earlier than 7.5.
An Internet connection or an office intranet (local TCP/IP network).
If using POP to receive mail, one dedicated POP account for the server and one POP account for each mail list.

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